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studio shimona

Hair | Makeup | Styling | Education

From the first glance, to the last dance

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behind the glam

studio shimona

I am absolutely passionate about makeup and hair artistry, as well as, styling and education. Obsessed with every stroke of the brush and every twist of the curling iron, I always go above and beyond to ensure my clients look flawless and my students feel empowered!

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Thank you thank you so much! I was so happy the entire time; feeling ever so confident and beautiful. You’re hands down one of the best MUA I’ve ever come across. Love your work ♥️♥️ The makeup didn’t budge till 11 in the night, even after I was in direct sunlight for about 2 hrs. No touch ups needed, you’re a magician. 🤩🤩 - Srashti Singh

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